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Go Global NC’s Global Teachers program, founded in 1995, provides professional development to K-12 teachers from across North Carolina through an in-depth learning experience about the history, culture and environment of other countries. Programs begin in the spring with an intense orientation workshop, followed by a 10- to 14-day international immersive learning experience abroad in the summer. In the fall, Go Global NC leads an action-planning workshop, which creates a platform for collaboration and creativity to ensure teachers are prepared to share their global experiences in their own North Carolina classrooms. Teachers from all grade levels and all subject areas use their new global experiences to ignite an interest in global engagement and cooperation among their students and in their communities.
NC Teacher in India
NC Global Teacher in India

Through Go Global NC’s Global Teachers programs:

  • More than 1,000 K-12 teachers and administrators have studied abroad.
  • Participants have explored the history, culture, physical environment, education systems, and shared issues and interests of the day in 16 different countries.
  • North Carolina students have benefited from hundreds of original global lesson plans that have been developed and implemented.

Empowering teachers to engage the world

Go Global NC’s Global Teachers are among North Carolina’s best educators. Please see the links and materials below that have been prepared with their words and photos captured during their learning experiences.

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