New Report: Global Connections, UNC and the World

A new report, Global Connections: UNC and the World, inventories UNC systemwide global engagement efforts and challenges us to do something no other state has done. “UNC General Administration conducted a study in the summer of 2014 to determine which states had developed systematic strategic plans for internationalization. There were none,” the report states. Developing a “Global Plan” for North Carolina entails convening business, government and education partners to work together to reach shared outcomes toward global success. CIU is providing leadership in this challenging and important work to strengthen North Carolina’s global competitiveness.

Living and working in a global economy holds different benefits for each of the three sectors: “…in business, global markets, talent and sourcing offer a potential competitive edge; for politicians, closer ties to global investors mean jobs; for educators, global engagement helps get students from North Carolina better prepared to succeed, increase research opportunities and offers new opportunities to work with the best and the brightest,” the report explains. “The differences are clear, but so are the benefits of working together.” We look forward to working with our partners to build a framework for global engagement to better prepare North Carolinians to live and work in the global economy.

View and download the report.