Every Day is International Women’s Day at Go Global!

Women Leaders Run Go Global NC

Go Global NC Executive Director Meredith Henderson and Deputy Director Rachel Page have a combined 35 years in leadership at our organization! Every day, they work to unite diverse strengths and transcend boundaries – values at the heart of International Women’s Day, celebrated around the word each year in March. Meredith and Rachel work to connect North Carolina to the world, efforts that  inspire communities across North Carolina.

International Women’s Day is a chance to recognize women leaders who make a difference. Go Global NC has been led by a woman for most of its 45-year history! And we are grateful to the North Carolina women leaders in science, government, business, and education who serve on our Board of Directors.

And there is one very special board member who is not only a fund-raising engine for GGNC, but she is the very reason GGNC exists: Founder and Executive Director Emeritus Millie Ravenel. Millie led the organization for 32 years, “retiring” in 2011.

We are so grateful for the many women who have helped shape GGNC through the years!