Leaders from across the political spectrum benefit from understanding North Carolina’s connections with the world, discovering new opportunities to advance our state’s interests, and finding bipartisan solutions to the challenges we face.

Teacher's Fellowship

Global Leaders

Our Global Leaders program takes a deep dive into important economic sectors for our state like energy, biotechnology, higher education, and agriculture and explores international best practices we can learn from. Elected officials and administrative leaders are key members of each cross-disciplinary team participating in the Global Leaders program.

Global Leader with law enforcement

Latino Initiative

Our internationally recognized Latino Initiative takes teams of North Carolina policy and business leaders to Mexico to better understand the largest block of immigrants calling North Carolina home. We learn about economic pressures and Latino cultural, and we spend time breaking bread with neighbors to our south. Dozens of elected officials from the state, county and municipal level have joined the Latino Initiative, traveling to Mexico and bringing back ideas and understanding to strengthen North Carolina communities.

Our Other Programs

Government leaders are an important pillar of our Coalition for Global Competitiveness. The Coalition is an innovative public/private partnership working to assure North Carolina is known to the world as a great place to invest, work, study, visit, partner, and live.