“Good teaching looks the same no matter where you are.”

Our Burroughs Wellcome Fund Scholars bid a reluctant goodbye to India after spending ten days in the country. The program’s goal was to focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in all sectors, including education and workforce. While in India, EdNC reporter Molly Osborne helped document the journey and participants’ insights for a series entitled Sparking Stem. Click below to read the series.

From NC to Paris to Bangalore: “I can’t believe we are doing this”

Site visits through Bangalore: “Using sustainable technology and digital tools to improve rural education”

STEAM in rural India: “Learning what is important doesn’t always come from success”

Lessons learned from India’s government and private schools: “We want to encourage more innovation from our students”


Global lesson: “Good teaching looks the same no matter where you are”

Saying goodbye to India: “We’re in this together”

Experience a Taj Mahal visit in 360 Degree