Global Teachers Germany 2017: Day One

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Day One

Teachers departed from Raleigh-Durham International Airport or Charlotte-Douglas International Airport on Friday, June 16. They met up at Newark Airport before taking the 8 hour flight to Berlin, landing on Saturday, June 17.

A few teachers were accompanied by adorable stowaways – mascots sent by their school to help students engage with their teacher’s travel. Amanda Soldner brought a bear cub, the mascot of Carrboro Elementary School, while Katherine Heywood brought along an otter to connect with students at Oak Grove Elementary School.

Anthony Johnson brought along a 360 camera to help capture all angles of the program trip.

Upon arriving in Berlin, the delegation fought off jet lag to explore the first city of the program. Berlin is the capital of Germany, with more than 3.5 million inhabitants and has become the third most-visited city in Europe.

Teachers Angel Ledbetter and Jordan Hohm reflected on the first day for EdNC.

As a history teacher, much of my life is spent trying to get students to understand the world they live in, how that world has been shaped, and why history matters. Unfortunately, those efforts are usually tempered by my own lack of cultural understanding and awareness. The last forty hours have allowed me to start chipping away that shortfall. Read more.-Angel Ledbetter