Global Teachers – China 2018 – Adventurous Eating

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Adventurous Eating

During our Global Teachers programs, delegates are asked to challenge themselves by sampling local dishes. Here are a few things this year’s Global Teachers tried.

Barely in the country for 24 hours, the delegates got to experience street food at Beijing’s Wangfujing markets. Delicacies included deep-fried starfish, seahorse, scorpions, and more. The market itself is a well-known attraction. As you can see, our Global Teachers enjoyed a different taste of China.

As you can see, our Global Teachers enjoyed a different taste of China.

Teachers (left to right) Megan Lewis, Evelyn Gower, Mia Cruise, and Amy Parker try out chicken feet. In China, they can serve as a snack or a main dish. Most North Carolinians may not be familiar with eating the feet directly (unlike pigs’ feet) but the chicken feet have been used in the United States as part of more traditional cooking in making soups and broths.

Seeing how students ate also interested our delegates.

Dinner in Sichuan province was a regional specialty: hot pot. Using hot soup stock, diners place their meats, vegetables, and more in the stock to cook, like fondue. Hot pot varies across China’s regions, and the Chongqing hot pot in Sichuan province is known for its spiciness, which comes from Sichuan peppers.

Here’s more about the hot pot and how to eat it:

Anthony Johnson summed up his experiences with food in a video that will take you through the whole program!

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