Global Teachers – China 2018 – Day Three

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Day Three

Day three brought the first school visit of the program. Beijing Royal School is a private high school in Beijing, founded in 2003. The English-speaking school serves around 2000 students from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade.

Photo by Blair Morrow

While at Beijing Royal School, the delegates have the opportunity to meet with school leadership to learn about the school’s education plan and the larger Chinese education system as well as ask questions about what they’ve heard.

The Global Teachers delegation also had the opportunity to co-teach with a teacher from the school. Each teacher was assigned a Beijing Royal School teacher to work with based on grade level and subject. They connected before the delegation left North Carolina and decided what to present to the class.

Evelyn Gower had this to say in her blog post about teaching at Beijing Royal School:

Evelyn with the students of Beijing Royal School

For this class Jacqueline (the teacher) allowed me to share with the kids. I showed them the 360 view of my classroom on Google Maps. They were shocked by the flex seating, trampoline, and my pink couch. They couldn’t believe that my kids could sit there and read. They wanted to see my kids so I shared our End of Year music video. This was a hit! We spent so much time talking and asking/answering questions. It was definitely a memorable experience. I thanked both the kids and Jacqueline for inviting me to their classroom and at the end of both her classes I gave the kids some saltwater taffy from Wilmington. The first class opened immediately and ate it; the second wasn’t so sure when they heard it was from the beach. They thought it would taste like sea salt. I eventually convinced them that it was sweet and when they tried they loved it. I also gave Jacqueline a children’s book about North Carolina, a photography book of NC, a North Carolina state puzzle that had historic places marked on it, and the game pick up sticks. Now she’s got all she needs to teach a small unit of our state.

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Anthony Johnson recaps day three and shares a look at the Bejing Royal School class he taught.

Day 3 Beijing Royal School from Anthony Johnson on Vimeo.

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