Global Teachers Fellowship

Our Global Teachers Fellowship delivers unparalleled international professional development to help teachers teach about the global economy and nurture global citizens.

The Fellowship is an 18-month-long leadership program that includes intense study and spending time in another country. Our Fellows work in K-12 education in North Carolina public or charter schools and represent all subject areas. We work with teachers because of the ripple effect of their impact: Classrooms, schools, parents, and communities are all enriched when a local teacher becomes a Global Teacher Fellow.

Since 1995, we’ve taken more than 1,000 North Carolina educators to study abroad in 22 countries.

Teacher holding book in front of classroom
NC Global Teacher in India

Global Teachers Fellows:

  • Gain new understanding of and respect for other peoples and cultures;
  • Emerge with new global knowledge;
  • Bring global lessons and connections back to their NC classrooms and communities;
  • Infuse their teaching with renewed enthusiasm;
  • Join a statewide professional network of globally competent peers.

Far-Reaching Impact

The changes spurred by a teacher’s participation in the Global Teachers Fellowship are deep and varied. Global experiences continue to impact teachers, students, schools and communities long after the travel abroad program. Here are the program’s seven spheres of impact:

  • Creating Global Stewards: Shifting the minds of teachers and students
  • Expanding School Opportunities: Introducing or expanding globally focused programs
  • Engaging Rural Communities: Increasing global opportunities in rural areas
  • Retaining Teachers: Providing energy to reinvigorate teachers
  • Integrating STEM Subjects Beyond the Classroom: Making it come alive
  • Comparing Educational Systems: Learning from our international neighbors
  • Ongoing Professional Development: Honing skills throughout a teacher’s career

State Board of Education Recognition

Becoming a Global Teacher Fellow is a recognized path to the State Board of Education’s goal that every North Carolina high school graduate be fully prepared to thrive in the 21st Century.

For information regarding the Global Teachers Program, please contact Rachel Rosenbaum at

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Sponsor a Global Teacher Fellow

100% of our Fellows receive financial awards to study abroad. A fundraising effort is underway to assure that one teacher from every county in North Carolina participates in the Global Teacher Fellowship every year. To learn more, please contact GGNC Founder and Board Member Millie Ravenel at

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