Our programs equip NC teachers to prepare tomorrow’s leaders and workers to be active participants in the global economy.

Teacher's Fellowship

Global Teachers Fellowship

North Carolina teachers – all subject areas, all grade levels – have joined our Global Teachers Fellowship. This 18-month commitment includes an orientation, study abroad, and ongoing follow-up professional development sessions to strengthen delivery of global education in NC.
China Programs

China Programs

Chinese is the fastest growing language in North Carolina – in 2010, there were just over 300 K- 12 students studying Chinese language in our state compared to nearly 12,000 now, thanks in large part to Go Global NC’s Chinese Classroom Collaborative.
Mexico 2019

Cultural Correspondents

Partnering university study abroad students with classrooms in North Carolina using technology is an innovative way of introducing global education in our schools. Our Cultural Correspondents program creates those connections.

Our Other Programs

Educators, including higher education and K-12 administrators, participate along with policy and business leaders in several other Go Global NC initiatives. Learn more about these programs: