Driving Data

North Carolina’s Global Engagement Snapshot was updated and enhanced. The Snapshot now includes over 16,000 data points that grow our foundation to quantify NC’s engagement with the world across all sectors. This online dashboard illustrates that North Carolina’s prosperity relies on understanding and working with the rest of world. Benchmarking the data is intended to add to the conversation about how global opportunities contribute to economic well-being and quality of life of all North Carolinians.

Special recognition and appreciation go to Dr. Haya Ajjan and her team at Elon Center for Organizational Analytics as well as to Rachel Page, director of data and policy analysis at Go Global NC for their continued dedication to this initiative.

The Global Engagement Snapshot is a project of the N.C. Coalition for Global Competitiveness, a public-private group chaired by former N.C. Secretary of Commerce Jim Fain and coordinated by Go Global NC – part of the world-class, 17-campus University of North Carolina system.

View the Snapshot: www.goglobalnc.org/snapshot.