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Your Gifts support our three pillars of impact:

Global Access

Global Access

All North Carolinians deserve equitable access to global programs that can help them to thrive in a global environment, regardless of their geography, race, class, or other factors. Gifts to the Impact Fund support individuals’ opportunities to engage with the world and provide enriching learning experiences, through scholarships, classroom experiences, immersion programs and connection to our global network.

From school visits, to [professional development] sessions, to talks with the top professionals in the teaching communities of NC, to adventures through exploration; this entire program from start to finish was the professional and personal opportunity of a lifetime.
Ginger Scerri

Hayesville Middle School, Clay County Schools

Global Access

Global Policy

Leaders from across the political spectrum benefit from understanding North Carolina’s connections with the world, discovering new opportunities to advance our state’s interests, and finding bipartisan solutions to the challenges we face. Go Global NC builds bridges and fosters thought leadership and civic engagement to create an environment for success in the global economy.

There is so much potential to do business with Japan and Singapore. We live in a global society and it’s time we start lining up economic opportunities for our state.

Donny Lambeth

State Representative

Global Access

Global Innovation

As new technologies, partners, and priorities emerge, North Carolina’s approaches to engaging with the world must adapt. Go Global NC fosters the expansion of global relationships and connections for North Carolina business, education, government and community leaders.

Global engagement has food security implications; it has national security implications; and it’s a way to expand our horizons in ways that we don’t even know about. When we engage with the world, it makes us better; and hopefully it makes those we engage with better too.
Sandy Stewart

Assistant Commissioner of Agriculture