Diplomacy Before Deployment

Diplomacy before deployment!

Deputy Director Rachel Page was part of a group of North Carolina leaders who met with our congressional delegation to advocate for full funding of the International Affairs Budget, $64.4 billion in FY25. They were in Washington for the US Global Leadership Coalition’s Global Impact Forum in June.

At less than 1% of the total budget, every $1 the US spends to prevent conflict saves an estimated $16 in response costs, helping to avoid direct military interventions that are more costly in lives and taxpayer dollars.

“I’m so grateful to our leaders on Capitol Hill for their support, and to the US Global Leadership Coalition, for convening such a robust group!” Rachel said. “I’d like to offer A HUGE thank you to the North Carolina congressional delegation, who took the time to meet with us.”

Members of North Carolina’s congressional delegation who met with Rachel and other NC leaders included Rep. Valerie Foushee; Rep. Richard Hudson; Rep. Deborah Ross; Rep. Alma Adams; Sen. Ted Budd; and Sen. Thom Tillis.

Joining Rachel as part of the NC team, showcasing the reach and impact of existing global connections, were Charlé LaMonica; Lauren Stikeleather; Manny Ohonme; Solomon T. Frankin; and Mary Kate S. Marie Spear and Jeremy Tolbert spearheaded participation and brought the NC group together.