Coverage of the N.C. Heat Map

May 16, 2012

Read our press release about the N.C. Global Heat Map.

Thanks to the more-than-100 North Carolina business, education and policy leaders who helped make today’s launch of the the Global N.C. Heat Map such a success! We are incredibly grateful to the team at SAS for hosting our launch event in Cary.

As reported by WRAL, this is a first-of-its kind statewide global heat map: “What’s unique is that we are putting all the data in one place, and we publish county by county,” said Adam Hartzell, executive director of CIU. “When you connect the data, it actually starts to tell a story.”

With the click of a mouse, visitors to our website can find out what is global about each of North Carolina’s 100 counties. Our Heat Map provides demographic, education and economic data to help paint localized pictures of how connected North Carolina is to the rest of the world.

Moving forward we hope that the map will be used to spur strategic thinking about welcoming international economic development opportunities to our state.

As N.C. Public News Service reported this morning, development of the interactive map is part of CIU’s overall mission to help make North Carolina more global in its approach.

Without support from our Global Ambassadors — Local Government Federal Credit Union, SAS, Quintiles, and the Moise and Vera Khayrallah Fund — our Global Leaders work would not be possible.

Visit the N.C. Heat Map site.

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