Confucius Classrooms Shine at National Conference

CIU’s Confucius Classroom network is second only to the the State of Utah in size and scope! More than 8,500 North Carolina students are studying Chinese through our 44 Confucius Classrooms which host 33 Chinese Guest Teachers. That means CIU accounts for about 10% of the U.S. sites for this innovative language and culture program designed to prepare young people to excel in an increasingly diverse and dynamic world.

“Wow!” That’s the reaction we got when we shared this news with friends at the 2015 National Chinese Language Conference in Atlanta.

Both CIU Executive Director Rick Van Sant and Senior Language Education Advisor June Chen gave presentations at the conference sponsored by Asia Society and College Board. More than 1,200 colleagues from the U.S. and abroad were in attendance.

Our China programs are supported by partners College Board and Hanban, an affiliate of the Chinese Ministry of Education.

June’s presentation on CIU’s work supporting Chinese guest teachers

Conference Photos and Highlights