N.C. Coalition for Global Competitiveness

The N.C. Coalition for Global Competitiveness (“the Coalition”) wants people all around the world to recognize and know North Carolina as a great place to invest, work, study, visit, partner, and live. We want North Carolina to be known as a global leader.

N.C. Coalition for Global Competitiveness is a private and public sector partnership of leaders from a variety of industries from all over North Carolina. The Coalition is co-chaired by Elaine Marshall, NC Secretary of State, and Steve Troxler, NC Agriculture Commissioner. It was founded in 2013 and by former N.C. Secretary of Commerce Jim Fain and is coordinated by Go Global NC.

The purpose of the Coalition is to foster thought leadership and serve as a catalyst for our statewide vision for global engagement. The Coalition is focused on optimizing North Carolina’s global engagement through a comprehensive approach, including FDI, trade and workforce development to generate jobs and opportunities and create an environment for success in the global economy. Economic well-being and quality of life for all North Carolinians depends on effectively engaging the rest of the world.

The Coalition created the N.C. Blueprint for Global Engagement ( 2015 and 2020) and N.C.’s Global Engagement Snapshot, a road map and an online tool, to track the state’s path and progress toward global engagement. North Carolina is the first state to develop a roadmap for global engagement across all sectors – education, business, government, and community.

NC Coalition for Global Competitiveness
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Leaders from all around North Carolina provided input to shape the N.C. Blueprint for Global Engagement 2020 (“the Blueprint”). The Blueprint 2020 focuses on five strategic areas that are critical for the advancement of global engagement:

  • Leadership
  • Communication and partnerships
  • Global infrastructure and logistics
  • Global economic development
  • Cross cultural competence

The Blueprint 2020 focuses on each of the five strategic areas to identify what North Carolina can do to be more globally engaged.

N.C.’s Global Engagement Snapshot (“the Snapshot”) is an online tool to benchmark and coordinate the efforts of North Carolina’s leaders to maximize the state’s global success, categorized by five strategic areas of focus identified in the Blueprint 2020. The Snapshot is the first of its kind. It serves as a clearinghouse for global engagement data, allowing North Carolina to monitor and track its global engagement efforts on an ongoing basis.