Steven H. Kropp

CEO and President,  Comexxco, Inc.

Steven H. Kropp is the CEO and President of Comexxco, Inc. an international trading company promoting export as well as the Managing Director of the Tencate Nicolon Latin America Division. Mr. Kropp is an experienced executive and entrepreneur in the industrial and consumer products industries. 

He has worked throughout North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Australia, and Mexico, the Caribbean, Hong Kong, Egypt, Turkey, and North Africa. Mr. Kropp focuses on developing new foreign markets, business turnarounds, and government negotiations.

Mr. Kropp is a member of the Fundacion Ecuatoriana de Estados Maritimos in Ecuador (Overseer for the Galapagos), and the Comite Nacional de Alfabetizacion in Guatamala. He is also active in the Guatemala Trade and Investment Association; the Charlotte Regional Partnership; the World Affairs Council of Charlotte; and the Governor’s International Council in North Carolina, where he represents Guatemala in the North and South Carolina Consular District by promoting trade and tourism.

Mr. Kropp speaks English, Spanish, Italian and Catalan; and he is conversant in French and Portuguese. He graduated from the Rocosa School of Textile Design and Engineering in 1969, and the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters from the University of Barcelona in 1966.