About Go Global

Go Global NC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to making North Carolina a great place to invest, work, study, visit, partner, and live. We provide transformative international experiences to educators, government, business and community leaders. We have been strengthening North Carolina through global connections since 1979.

Our Mission

We connect North Carolina and the world.

Our Vision

North Carolina is the most globally engaged state in the nation.

Every Day We

Build Connections

Transcend Boundaries

Open Minds

Unite Diverse Strengths

Grow Awareness

Unlock Opportunity

Strengthen Communities

Far-reaching impact

Our work empowers NC leaders to help our state thrive in a complex, dynamic world. More than 10,000 North Carolina educators, legislators, business leaders and others have traveled with us to more than 50 countries to learn from the world and serve NC.

Our history

Go Global NC’s roots are in citizen diplomacy. Governor James B. Hunt, Jr. established our organization in 1979, originally known as the Center for International Understanding. Its mission was to demystify other nations and cultures through people-to-people diplomacy.

Affiliated with The Friendship Force and Youth for Understanding and supported by a network of volunteers, we took plane loads of North Carolinians abroad to live for a week at a time in the homes of people in England, Japan, Kenya, Egypt, and many other countries. Our international hosts would then come to North Carolina and experience life in the Tar Heel state.

Our organization has evolved to provide unmatched global education and leadership programs for North Carolina leaders.

2023 - 2026 StrategicPlan

Our Strategic Plan

Our work increases Global Access, support Global Policy, and foster Global Innovation.

Blueprint for Global Engagement

We have developed the nation’s first Blueprint for Global Engagement. We continue to work with dozens of people from North Carolina government, education and business leadership circles to position our state for success.
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