38 Campaign: 38 Throwback Thursday 1

Today is the first of our special 38 Throwback Thursdays.

The first picture comes from the early days of Go Global NC. 250 North Carolinians were preparing to participate in the first exchange to England in 1979 as part of the Friendship Force. Carolyn Hunt, then First Lady of North Carolina, led the program with the goal of people-to-people diplomacy.

When remembering the occasion during our 25th anniversary celebration, then-executive director Millie Ravenel (pictured on right) said:

I remember the excitement in the air when First Lady Rosalynn Carter gave our very first Friendship Force exchange to Newcastle, England, a surprise send-off on the tarmac at RDU [International Airport].

Were you a part of the first exchange to Newcastle? Share your memories with us on social media using #38Campaign. We’d love to hear from you!