38 Campaign: TBT 2

It’s our second special 38 Throwback Thursday post.

In honor of our upcoming Global Teachers program to Germany, we’re revisiting our 2014 Germany program.

Minette Finney-Lewis was one of the participants in the 2014 program and for her, the experience was an opportunity to see what she and other teachers are preparing their students for – the global community. Part of the lesson plan she created in a follow-up after the program revolved around problem-solving, a skill she saw taught to German students early on, in geography and healthy living. Finney-Lewis, formerly a teacher in Cabarrus County, now teaches at American United School in Kuwait.

Your donation of $38, $380, or $3,800 will continue to provide teachers like Minette the opportunity to bring the world to their classroom and help prepare students for being a part of the global community.

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