38 Campaign: Global Teachers Germany 2017

Last Friday and Saturday, twenty-seven teachers from across the state participated in an orientation for their Global Teachers program to Germany in June 2017. The teachers played the role of students as they learned about German history and more about North Carolina’s Global Educators Digital Badging program.

On the second day, they learned about the education system in Germany and received an introduction to renewable energy and sustainable development. There was even time for a brief German language session, introducing teachers to common phrases they can use while in the country.

Why all the preparation?

The thorough preparation is to help prepare these teachers to go “beneath the fold of the travel brochure.” The Global Teachers program is not a vacation; it’s an opportunity to learn about global processes and give teachers the chance to bring a global perspective to their classrooms across North Carolina.

In a recent survey of our more than 800 Global Teachers alumni, 97% of respondents said they had incorporated global experiences and/or global issues into their classroom curriculum after travel. 89% said that participating in the Global Teachers program gave them new energy and ideas to bring back to their classrooms.

Your donation of $38, $380, or $3,800 will provide teachers like members of our 2017 delegation the opportunity to change students’ lives in their classrooms and communities.

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