38 Campaign: Cumberland County Chinese New Year

North Carolina has one of the largest state Confucius Classrooms networks in the country with 41 classrooms in 14 partner districts across the state.

What is a Confucius Classroom?

It’s an opportunity for schools that teach Chinese language to partner with Go Global NC for materials and professional development that will enhance the education of North Carolina students. Confucius Classrooms funding also covers community outreach at each school and supports study abroad opportunities in China. Thanks to the program and the Chinese Guest Teacher program, the number of K-12 students in North Carolina studying Chinese has risen from 300 to over 13,000 students in the last few years.

Cumberland County, one of our partner districts, recently celebrated the Chinese New Year at Seventy-First High School. Students and their families were invited to share Chinese food, make Chinese arts and crafts, and watch performances of Chinese music and dance.

In the video below, Seventy-First High School principal Myron Williams shares with Go Global NC why Chinese language instruction is important to Cumberland County.

Your donation of $38, $380, or $3,800 will help students in North Carolina continue to learn the skills they need to be globally engaged.

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