$1 Million in State Funds Matched: Advancing Toward One Teacher from Every County Every Year

We are thrilled to announce $1 million in State funding has been matched on behalf of low-wealth counties, greatly expanding our Global Teachers Fellowship!

Together, we have exceeded expectations! Our first-round efforts to secure matching funds for low-wealth counties to join Global Teachers Fellowship have been a great success. We’ve matched $1 million in seed money from the State legislature. Thanks to contributions from individuals and organizations all over North Carolina, teachers from 17 low-wealth counties will experience what many have called their “greatest professional development experience.”

The $1 million was awarded to Go Global NC in the FY2024 State Budget. Our successful fundraising efforts to match that amount concluded in July of 2024. In total, 17 low-wealth counties have signed on with our Global Teachers Fellowship!

Every year, a teacher from each of the participating counties will join our 18-month professional development program. Never has access to our brand of global education been available to educators from so many diverse communities across our state.
The Global Teachers Fellowship ensures a yearly Fellowship will be awarded to a K-12 teacher from each of these counties:





Matching Fund Formula Used

Here’s how we worked with communities to support their teachers’ participation: School systems in low-wealth counties (Tier 1 and Tier 2) were eligible for the State matching funds. The State Legislature allocated $1 million for Global Teachers; GGNC used that funding for a matching opportunity for North Carolina low-wealth counties. For a one-time match of $40,000 (Tier 1) or $50,000 (Tier 2), a low-wealth county gained a place for a K-12 teacher on our Global Teachers Fellowship, every year moving forward. Matching funds were provided by a variety of sources, including individual donors, local businesses, and school-affiliated support organizations.

One Teacher from Every County, Every Year

The State matching fund opportunity was part of a larger GGNC effort to assure that one teacher from every county in North Carolina participates in the Global Teacher Fellowship every year. GGNC will continue to pursue future State funding and other resources to achieve our goal: One teacher from every county, every year.

Working to Secure More State Funding for Global Teachers

To learn more about supporting more teachers to join the Global Teachers Fellowship, please contact GGNC Founder and Board Member Millie Ravenel.